Payment Methods

For your best service, we provide you with the following payment methods for your order:

Local collection (Payment at the store)

With the click inside method

Pay on delivery
Pay on delivery of products.

Your order starts to be processed immediately when COD is selected as the shipping method.

COD can only be selected for destinations within Greece.

If there is an inability to receive, please contact us so that we can help you get the best service.

We inform our customers that in case an order is not received, the next ones should be made exclusively by using a debit / credit card.

Credit card
You can make the payment with absolute security and confidentiality using a Visa / Mastercard, easily and quickly.

The card details are entered directly on the Piraeus Bank Credit Card Clearance website.

Your credit card number and any other details of your card (CCV2, expiration date, etc.) are not stored in our databases for obvious security reasons.

Clearing is done automatically when the Credit Card is selected as the shipping method and your order starts to be processed immediately.

Bank deposit
By deposit (only for Greece) in one of the following accounts stating the name / surname and the Order Number:


IBAN: GR09 0172 0890 0050 8910 4757 862


If the Bank Deposit is selected as the payment method, your order will start to be processed immediately after the confirmation of the deposit.

This can be from 1 to 5 days depending on the remittance policy of both banks (outgoing and incoming).

The costs for interbank transactions are borne by the customer. If the order amount has not been deposited, the order will be canceled immediately.

If you use web banking you can deposit the amount and send us the receipt by email to [email protected] of the deposit.